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Webinars (New!)

A collection of webinars that are exclusive to the NeuroTracker Academy platform. Find a wealth of information on specialized topics from both industry leaders the NeuroTrackerX team. This section will be regularly updated with new content as webinars are released.

NeuroTracker Coach

This is Part B of the NeuroTracker Coach Certification. Now that you have completed 30 NeuroTrackerX sessions, please select “Your certificate is ready!” to mark the module complete. This is the final step prior to gaining your certificate.

NeuroTracker Coach (Knowledge Portion)

The NeuroTracker Coach Certification introduces the fundamental scientific principles of NeuroTracker research and technology. This course teaches instructors how to guide and oversee NeuroTracker programs for wellness and performance applications.  There are 8 modules within this course  There is a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each module  Each module and quiz must be completed in order to complete the certification  Each module includes …

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Base Certification

The NeuroTracker Base Certification is an introduction to the fundamental scientific principles of NeuroTracker research and technology. This course teaches users how to apply NeuroTracker assessments and training to wellness and performance applications, including dual-task training. There are 8 modules within this course There is a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each module Each …

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Advanced Certification

The NeuroTracker Advanced Certification builds on the concepts taught in the Base Certification. This course has been designed to provide users with an in-depth understanding of how to apply NeuroTracker research for innovative applications and unique populations. Successful completion of this course is a mandatory requirement for accessing the NeuroTracker Advanced system and the custom …

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